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Power to create your REALITY

Folks! You ever thought who is actually creating your reality. Reality being what is currently happening with you. Is it God ? Or maybe your parents? Or umm.. the guesses goes on. However the real answer or say the real person who creates your reality who is always with you and knows everything you do is the one who creates your reality, folks!

Yes, my dear friends the person who creates your reality is none other than YOU yourself. For instance have you ever thought about something or a situation which has just gone the way you wanted it to go?
Every thought you create add to your reality. And How does that happen? I have a logic to it for you :

Every thought creates and equal feeling

Every feeling in turn radiates to each and every cell of your body.

Every radiation reaches to the person or situation it is created to.

Then the vibration reaches the universe in turn creating your reality.

Hence, Concluded 🙂

So guys, if you really want to help yourself a little more than yesterday just create positive thoughts. Do anything. Just anything. and see how your life changes and takes a leap to the top level or peak of the mountain.

Do let me know how you felt after reading what I have kept in front of you.

Until next time,

xoxo 🙂


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