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Justifying your Anger with wrong belief systems?

Situation and people make me angry?

And goes on.. ?


Situations and People are never ever going to go our ways, yet the only thing we try to control is them. Believe it or not. Its true. In simple terms anger is also known as “Temporary Insanity” or “Temporary madness”.

Whenever you feel you are getting angry or there is an urge to get disturbed you have to check 3 things with yourself i.e

  1. PAST : Are we stuck in the past? Because 100% of the times we get angry is upon the things that is not right in the moment. Its usually gone back and is IMPOSSIBLE TO CHNAGE.
  2. People : With people again is comes to the same thing that we cannot at all change them. However, even though on the outer side we say that we have stopped nagging them there is always an internal conflict which goes on which we have to stop. Its unhealthy folks!
  3.   With Yourself: Agree it or not there is a constant battle with ourself too in your mind. We just have to stop fighting with ourselves whether to win or lose and learn to accept or let go with a smile 🙂

Most of the times we even have to justify our anger even though we know we are wrong. For eg. If person A along with B has gone to a restaurant, after placing the order he/she has waited around 1 hour for their meal. Person A gets angry on this and shouts at the waiter. Just a few seconds later his conscious feels guilty for doing such an act. He would simply never apologise rather convince the other person that his anger is justify as the meal was late.

The  actual fact I believe is that we are never angry with the other person outside. We our always angry with ourselves within. Sometimes its just another way to justify our guilt. The bitterness is within us. Nobody pours poison into our veins. We are the creator of our own bitterness.

Folks, whenever you feel angry or have just let out anger. Just ask yourself who is creating it ? and who is suffering ? and for how long will this continues? I am sure very soon you will have great control on yourself because no on really likes to harm themselves not even a bit. This shall instantly trigger your consciousness and help you stabilize. This has to be done on everyday basis and make it a habit.

Now, we think what if someone is doing something that really needs to be controlled then yes i do have a solution for that too. We cannot control anyone as I said earlier however, we can surely Influence them. We have to make your personality much stronger that people get influenced and are readily willing to change. We have to correct others by not mistaking ourselves. If he commits a big mistake and we create a small one saying our mistake is smaller in comparison, it doesn’t justify. A mistake is a mistake.

At the end, we all shall admit whatever we say we do for others, we actually do for ourselves. If I show my son the right way of life of-course it is for him but again the end result comes back to me. How? If he goes on the right path or say if my spouse does things according to what I say it will make me feel good. So everything we do is for ourselves. We have to take personal responsibility for our emotions and stop blaming other poeple for it 🙂

Until next time,